All the friendly folks who make your visit to TMS pleasant and productive.

Mike Benson - Sales Manager

Mike Benson

Sales Manager
Mike grew up in Modesto and was riding a Honda XR75 by age 10. Since then he's owned a bunch of bikes - '80 RM100, '81 YZ125, '83 RM250, '84 CR500, '86 XR100, '89 KTM250, '92 ATK350, '94 YZ250, '00 RM125, '14 RMZ250. When he's not riding he's working around the house remodeling things until it's done, then selling and moving on to the next one. He's been our excellent Sales Manager since 2001.
Amy Baker - F & I Manager

Amy Baker

F & I Manager
Amy's a California native and has been at TMS almost since the beginning. She was a Parts Associate, then Assistant Parts Manager, then became our F&I person a few years ago. She began riding after she came to work here and has owned a Bandit 400, Aprilia SXV 450, CBR600, CRF105R, and a CRF150F. She's raced Supermoto and done a few sportbike track days. When not at work she's usually hiking, mountain biking or trap shooting. She has two daughters, both of whom have worked here off and on since they were old enough to help out.
Jazmine Escobar - Receptionist

Jazmine Escobar

Jazmine is one of Amy's daughters and has helped out here in various capacities since she was a kid. Now she works Saturdays as our receptionist doing a wide variety of tasks that keep the Sales Dept running smoothly.
Chris DeVaughn - New & Used Sales

Chris DeVaughn

New & Used Sales
Jerry Brandt - New & Used Sales

Jerry Brandt

New & Used Sales
Jerry first rode a bike at 6 years old, a Honda Z50. Since then he's made a career of buying and selling bikes and currently owns a 1985 RZ500 v4 2 stroke, an '85 V-Max, '99 R1, '74 YZ250 which is brand new and never been started, a '74 YZ360, '85 Honda Gyro scooter, and a few more. He raced for years, claiming the CMC Pro Championship in '82 and '84 on a YZ490, and CVRG 500cc Expert Vintage Champion in '87 and '88. In 1988 he rode in the Colorado 500 and did 300 miles in one day on a dirt bike. An AMA Life Member, he's made motorcycles his living owning his own shop prior to coming to work for TMS 6 or 7 years ago.
Noah Hulst - Parts & Service Director

Noah Hulst

Parts & Service Director
Neal Wheeler - Parts Manager

Neal Wheeler

Parts Manager
Neal was born and raised back in Connecticut and started riding dirt bikes as a kid. He's raced motocross, and competed in trials, enduros and road racing. In the mid 80s he moved to San Diego and worked for some of the top dealers in Southern California. In 2007 he moved to Tracy and became Parts Manager of our new dealership. His decades of dealership experience make him the go-to guy for parts questions.
Rachel Gillie - Parts & Accessories Associate

Rachel Gillie

Parts & Accessories Associate
Rachel was born in Ohio and moved to Colorado when she was 10. She started riding at 11 on a TTR125. Since then she's been on a KX100, a Ninja 250 and a ZX6R. She's a certified pastry chef, plays the piano, and likes to be outdoors. She's a good parts person so whether you need a spark plug or a helmet, come in and see her.
Angel Murillo - Parts & Accessories Associate

Angel Murillo

Parts & Accessories Associate
JOKE: What happens to a frog's Cadillac when it breaks down? Angel is a native Californian and started riding bikes at 7 years old. He's owned a lot of motorcycles including a KZ750 Twin, CB750, CR250, RM125, RC51, and a Harley Street Glide. He's a great Parts Associate with a solid background in many types of riding, and is a big help in choosing appropriate gear. Stop in and see him the next time you need some parts or gear. Answer: It gets toad away!
Steven Libre - Service Writer

Steven Libre

Service Writer
Steven is a San Francisco native and rode his first bike around 15 years old. Hasn't stopped since and has owned an EX250, ZX6R, ZX7R, ZX10R, NSR50, YSR50, Ducati 749, Ducati 1198 and a Triumph Daytona 675. When he's not being our 5 star Service Writer, he's out hiking, cycling or swimming.
Jessica Mercado - Service Writer

Jessica Mercado

Service Writer
JOKE: What did the fisherman say to the magician? Jessica grew up right here in Tracy and has never ridden a bike but we don't hold that against her. She reads a lot, goes fishing occasionally, and takes care of her 4 dogs, 1 iguana, 2 snakes, 3 bearded dragons, an aquarium and some koi. Answer: Pick a cod, any cod!
Trever Inman - Service Technician

Trever Inman

Service Technician
Trever is a native Californian and began riding in elementary school on an old Yamaha quad and then another old YZ80. Bought his first street bike after high school, a 1998 ZZR600. He came to work for us in 2009 and even tho he works on bikes all day as one of our techs, he doesn't currently own one.
Jeff Stark - Service Technician

Jeff Stark

Service Technician
JOKE: Why did the cowboy adopt a Dachshund? Jeff is a native Californian and started riding when he was 14 on a KX100. Since then he's owned a bunch more, including a ZG1400, which is the 41st one. That's a lotta bikes. He's been a technician with us for several years and when he isn't working on bikes here, he fixes stuff around the house and works on his yard. Answer: So he could get a long little doggie.
Zach Garner - PDI Tech

Zach Garner

PDI Tech
JOKE: What's red and smells like blue paint? Zach is a Tracy native and began riding in 2nd grade on a KX65. He's also owned a YZ85, YFM100, KLX110, CRF150R, and his current bikes, a KX250F and a KX250XC. He's been putting bikes together for us for a few years now. Answer: Red paint.
Marcelo Collaco - PDI Tech

Marcelo Collaco

PDI Tech
Leslie Sowden - Admin - Fixed Operations

Leslie Sowden

Admin - Fixed Operations
Leslie grew up in the midwest but moved to California in 1982 and never missed the cold and snow. The first bike she ever rode was her boyfriend's GT380 in a K-Mart parking lot early in the morning when it was empty, and has owned a KZ1000 and a YZF600. She's been in the motorcycle industry since 1979 working at Nichols MC Supply, IBCO Gaskets, Lockhart Sportbike Products (now Lockhart Phillips), FTM Enterprises (importer of RK Chain and Excel Rims), Southern MC Supply, and here at Tracy MS since before the store opened.
Steve Sowden - G.M.

Steve Sowden

Steve starting sweeping floors in a motorcycle shop back in the early 70's. He worked his way up to technician and eventually a service manager for 20 years. His first bike was a Honda 305 Superhawk that he had to push start every day or walk to school! Next came a Suzuki 750 Water Buffalo that he put over 100,000 miles on, a BMW R90s, a Kawasaki Z1, a Goldwing 1200, several stand up Jet Ski's, and finally a CBR1000. In the late 70's he starting racing the Z1 and eventually made it to the AMA Superbike Series. Next came a GPz550 that he won many races on and a couple of championships.During the racing days his tuning and porting skills were put to use in the service department at couple of shops, creating the goto place for high performance work.His Jet Ski and TRX250R motors were know for their blue painted cylinders and heads that he baked in his oven at home (wife didn't appreciate that much). Current hobbies are fine woodworking and big Tuna fishing in Mexico.
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